About Jeff

Jeff Pickles is a GIS professional based in Denver, Colorado. He has been an urban planner, a database guy, a web mapper, a geospatial consultant, and a geology technician. In every role, he has brought his keen eye for detail and passion for geospatial problem solving.

As a project manager with Economic Development Resources in St. Louis, Jeff helped municipalities in metropolitan St. Louis and southern Illinois with a variety of plans, from TIF financing for blighted areas to twenty-year comprehensive plans. In this position, he also directed the City of Metropolis [Illinois] Planning and Zoning Department in its implementation of a Geographic Information System.

Jeff’s expertise in web mapping began with his work at the Community Information Resource Center in Columbia, Missouri, working with ArcIMS. From there, he expanded his repertoire to include ArcServer, GeoServer, and various open source web mapping solutions.

Jeff has been a geospatial consultant since 2006, specializing in implementing GIS for small businesses. While his passion will always be to help small businesses solve problems and thrive with mapping and visualization, Jeff has recently ventured into software development. He developed the mapping module for an enterprise land management software package. This has allowed him to not only think outside of the box, but also to create an entirely new box with which to play.

A graduate of the University of Missouri, Jeff is an unabashed Mizzou Tigers and St. Louis Cardinals fan.