Get Ready for Apple Maps

Whoops! Apple had a bit of a slip today when it released iPhoto for iOS.

Dogs and cats living together! Pandemonium!

It seems Apple left API calls to its own servers intact. The maps in iPhoto are drawn via tiles on Apple servers, tiles we’re seeing for the first time. It looks like Apple is finally putting its plan to ditch Google Maps in motion. Make no mistake, this is step one. iMap is on the way.

I just hope someone over at Apple took a moment to think of all the poor Foursquare users that will have to go through yet another map change. Those guys have been through so much this week. Send chocolates.

It seems the Year of OpenStreetMap might actually be a bit broader than anticipated, with a new entrant into the foray. With Apple and Google about to duke it out for mobile mapping supremacy and OSM taking everything else, things are about to get very interesting.

When the history books speak of the Great Map War of 2012, let it be known that it did not begin with a bang, but rather with an API whimper. He who owns the map tiles owns the world.

HT: @cageyjames

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