So This Is What I Was Like 12 Years Ago…

First off, I want to say that I am by no means belittling the ambition of the City of Oak Hill, West Virginia. I congratulate them for making the large step — albeit a few years behind the curve — of committing to the creation of a city-wide GIS. It’s a major commitment with lots of upfront costs, but great long-term potential. Cheers, gentlemen.

That said, this article reads a lot like the conversation I had with my parents when I tried to legitimize my Geography major declaration and subsequent career path in 2000.


Oh, Zite, I definitely enjoyed reading this, but not for the reason you think I did.

Maybe I’ve become an elitist when it comes to this kind of thing, but I think I’ve earned it over the course of my career. GIS isn’t new anymore. The article even mentioned Google Maps as a basemap (oy vey), something that has been around for about a decade. This is exactly the kind of project I’d love to do as a consultant because it is such an easy job and any results would completely impress the client since their expectations were so low to begin with. The definition of low-hanging fruit. You can probably sense my jealousy.

I give it 9 months until it’s featured in ArcNews.

They’re so excited about “the future” that I almost don’t want to tell them that the initial $16,000 investment should be more like $2,000 if they use readily available open source tools. Too soon?

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